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Two Wheeler Battery

Trusted Two Wheeler Battery In Coimbatore From The Tyre World

Tyre world is one amongst the best two wheeler Battery dealers in Coimbatore, associated with the leading battery technology brand AMARON. The battery services we offer provides high cranking power, zero maintenance, high heat tolerance, vibration resistant, improved safety, long life, high reserve capacity, factory charged – ready to use. We the Tyre world is an authorized service provider for two wheeler battery in Coimbatore. Our services are extending in and around Coimbatore, which is only possible because of the constant support and trust upon us from our honorable customers. Our technicians are highly skilled in this field who gives the best solutions for your queries.

Two wheeler battery in Coimbatore
two wheeler battery dealers in Coimbatore

Tyre world provides two wheeler battery in Coimbatore with solutions which are cost efficient and well within our budget constraints. We prioritize consumer satisfaction above everything else, which sets it apart from the rest of its competitors. The executives are very warm and friendly, and are ready to help us out whenever the need arises. Tyre world along with Amaron is beyond satisfactory for two wheeler battery dealers in Coimbatore. With the constant growth in this field we have grown our dealership horizontally and vertically to give the best results for our customers, because we strive for the customer satisfaction as our priority motto.

Maintenance Tips


Two wheeler battery which runs on lead acid batteries requires regular maintenance. You should maintain the proper level of fluids inside the battery, once the fluids drops below the minimum level you need to top up.


You need to maintain the terminals which are in good condition, once the terminals gets corroded it disturbs the current flow from the battery to other electrical connections such as starter motors, lights, instrument console and etc.


Never overload your battery by adding extra accessories such as led lights, lamps and other items over the limited power ratings. High power rated substances draws more power which drains out the battery very quickly.

Loose Connections

Check out for the loose connections from the battery terminals and other electrical wiring supplies, since all wiring aspects are integral parts of wiring connections from battery. Don't short circuit your battery.

Battery Leaks

Check for battery leaks as the battery fluids can leak through the casings and it may cause corrosion to the metal plates of the motorcycle. Leaks leads to the degradation of the battery.

Battery Maintenance & Services

We the Tyre world is the authorized two wheeler battery dealers in Coimbatore. We provide the best two wheeler battery in Coimbatore which are cost effective and well within your budget constraints.

Two wheeler battery in Coimbatore
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