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Computerized 3 'D' Wheel Alignment

Wheel alignment is part of standard maintenance which consists of adjusting the relative angles of the tires so that they are set to the manufacturer's optimal specification. The names of the most common alignment adjustments are camber, caster and toe.

Benefits of wheel alignment

  •   A smoother driving experience.
  •   Better fuel efficiency.
  •   Fewer expensive auto repairs.
  •   increase the Life of Your Tires.

Wheel Balancing

Wheel balance refers to the proper distribution of weight around a revolving tire and wheel assembly. Poor wheel balance can have a marked impact on both your car and your safety. Wheel balancing provides a smooth ride and assures even tire wear by properly adjusting the wheel weight distribution around the vehicle. Wheel balancing is different from wheel alignment, which relates to the angle of your wheels and their relation to the ground.

Nitrogen Filling

Advantages of Nitrogen Filling

Better MPG Nitrogen filled tires bleed pressure slower than compressed air. Properly maintained tire pressure is essential for tire wear and gas mileage. A low tire does not always look under-inflated
Longer tire life. A properly inflated tire wears slower. If a nitrogen filled tire does not lose pressure as quickly you can expect longer tire life.
Oxidation is blocked.Oxygen causes oxidation. Oxidation can make rubber brittle, increasing the chance of a blow-out. Nitrogen in the tire blocks the oxidation of the internal rubber
Nitrogen is a green alternative.Nitrogen has the potential of being greener for the world. As nitrogen-filled tires maintain proper pressure, achieving better gas mileage, reduced emissions and longer tire life, the demand for tires could decrease. This means fewer manufactured tires, decreasing the use for natural resources. Also, manufacturers would decrease shipments of tires, which of course helps the environment

Tubeless Repairing

We provide tubeless reapaire service for all tyres

Mushroom Puncture

Rapid, reliable and permanent repair specially designed for puncture made be nails, screws, bolts. Even in the tyre side walls. But this repair takes more time & it is expensive. And mostly all Tyre manufacturers recommend Mushroom repair only.