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Trusted Car Battery In Coimbatore From The Tyre World

Tyre world offers a wide range of innovative world class car battery in Coimbatore that are built to deliver high performance for all kinds of vehicles, ensuring the long lasting performance from our battery products. As the best car battery dealers in Coimbatore, we offer a range of batteries which includes Lithium-ion (Li-ion) batteries, wet cell (or flooded) batteries, valve-regulated lead-acid batteries, deep cycle batteries, starting, lighting and ignition batteries, which are genuine in nature to offer the best performance in all kinds of vehicles. We provide the best car battery sales and services, keeping our customers satisfaction as our priority.

We are recognized as one among the best car battery shop in Coimbatore, who provides the car battery sales in Coimbatore for the customers with atmost satisfactory level. Our car battery dealership is equipped with latest technology instruments, which are used by our expert technicians to serve you in most convenient and effective way as possible. We also provide solutions for your queries on car batteries and various other aspects of automobile field, as our technicians have a vast knowledge in the field of automotive Engineering. Tyre world strives to provide the best satisfaction to the customers, as we are known by the best car battery dealers in Coimbatore.

Car battery in Coimbatore

Car battery dealers in Coimbatore

Get the best battery services around Coimbatore from our battery dealership, who constantly works to give the best results to the customers. The battery services we offer are highly effective and the products from our dealerships are genuine in nature, which are maintained with the company standards to give the best results from our wide range of battery and automotive products in Coimbatore. We have established our dealership ten years back, with the constant support and satisfied customers we have grown vertically and horizontally to provide the best services from our dealership.

How does it works

A car battery is a type rechargeable battery which supplies electrical current to the motor of the vehicle. The main purpose of the battery is to feed the starter, which starts the engine. Once the engine starts running, power for the car's electrical systems is supplied by the alternator. There are different type's car batteries which are used in our vehicle. Those batteries differ according to our needs and vehicle standards and specifications.

Points To Be Noted

 Make sure the battery rating meets the minimum cranking amperage (CA or CCA) requirement for your vehicle

 Even today maintenance free batteries need to be undergone periodic inspection & cleaning to ensure proper operation

 The fan belts should be inspected for signs of wears and proper adjustment should be provided

 Loose or corroded cable ends prevent your battery from maintaining a full state of charge

 Heat causes more damage to batteries than cold weather, but starting a vehicle in cold weather puts more strain on it

car batteries in Coimbatore

Causes For Car Battery Failure

 Electrolyte level







car battery dealers in Coimbatore


Tyre world offers a wide range of car batteries to our honorable customers around Coimbatore, ensuring the long lasting performance from our battery products. We are one amongst best Car Battery dealers in Coimbatore.
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